Did you know if you are a church or ministry you get $10,000 in grant money per month to advertise with Google Ads? This is free church marketing! Have an upcoming event, a capital campaign, a marriage ministry conference? Advertise on Google…FREE. 

Digital advertising for nonprofits and churches has come a long way, but without someone to manage this the right way, you could be missing out on this huge opportunity and lose your grant. Contact us to find out more. clarity@harmerwunstel.com

Churches we’ve partnered with include: John Hagee Minstries, The Potters House (T.D. Jakes), Pastor Robert Morris and Gateway Church, Benny Hinn Ministries, The Refuge and many more.  

Church Marketing and More

From process improvement projects to full branding and church marketing strategies we have the experience and know how to grow your ministry the right way. 




Nonprofit Contact


No matter the size of your church or ministry, Harmer Wunstel can help. With over 40 years of experience in church marketing and fundraising, we can help you reach those in your community and grow the kingdom.

How we help Churches and Ministries Grow

        • Website Building

        • Digital Marketing

        • General Church Marketing

        • Communications Strategy

        • Crisis Management and Public Relations

        • Content Development

        • Graphic Design (including printing services)

        • Brand Strategy

        • Internal Communications

        • Media Buying (online and off)

        • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

        • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

        • Google Adwords Management for churches


We have worked with some of the top 100 nonprofit organizations in the country. As a nonprofit you have a fiduciary duty to be the best stewards possible of the donations given to you. As nonprofit marketing experts, our goal is to help you maximize every donation, whether monetary gifts or assets acquired through legacy giving, to make sure you can fulfill your mission.

Harmer | Wunstel specializes in nonprofit marketing campaigns that bring results. We know how to craft a powerful message to solicit responses from your donors and stakeholders.