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Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications with Clarity

Clarity in corporate communications is vital to ensure company growth and sustainability. Many organizations don’t have an engagement manager or corporate communications advisor in place, so we can provide that. RWHarmer takes an integrated 360 degree approach to your corporate communications needs. We look at everything internally and externally. Doing what you say builds trust, confidence and loyalty.

If the customer facing employee isn’t communicating clearly, you’re losing opportunities. If interdepartmental communication is breaking down, you’re not operating efficiently.


Your communications efforts play a key role in everything you do such as marketing, crisis management, media relations, operational decisions and so much more. By nature, most define the term as a “management” concern, but we believe everyone in the organization needs to be on the same page, saying the same thing. A communications strategy helps everyone make better decisions, faster.

An extraordinary change is happening in corporate communications. The events of 2020 with a global pandemic and social concerns has only accelerated the inevitable. A shift in communications is happening and it’s nothing like we’ve ever seen.

We have to start thinking creatively about how to plan scenarios that can affect the organization and its viability. Helpful, reliable and precise communication during crisis situations, as well as normal situations, establishes confidence in the organization and its leaders.

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Corporate Communications

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