Culture Statements are often too far-reaching and don’t get to the heart of the organization. Sometimes simplicity and clarity is all you need.


Do you have a Customer Centric Culture? Everyone should know that.


Each person inside and outside your organization should know your manifesto. A culture statement speaks clearly on the words you say over and over again and is used as a filter for everything else.


As an example, here is how we conduct ourselves at RW Harmer:


At RW Harmer we are:

Connectors that create clarity in marketing and communications.


“Our goal is to make the experience just as satisfying as the final product.”


The words we live by:








Each word has a multitude of meanings and truly defines HOW we do business. Everything we do MUST go through that filter (those words). If it doesn’t fit we’re out. Period.


Our innovative customer culture assessment will allow you to look at your organization in a new light. From there you’ll find clarity in everything you do.



Empowers and motivates staff because they’ll know the direction and have a filter

Better internal and external relationships and communications

Alignment with organizational vision, values and goals

Faster culture integration within departments

Clarity delivered to customers, staff, partners and other shareholders



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