Harmer | Wunstel offers marketing and process improvement consulting services to medical, dental and healthcare practices as well as to hospitals and clinics. From practice marketing plans to healthcare procurement, we have a solution that’s right for you.

We provide customized healthcare market analysis, SEO for doctors and practices, pricing models, market entry strategies and single or multi-client studies to help you:

  • Market opportunities & competitor analysis
  • SEO and online reputation strategy
  • Drive operational efficiencies and ROI
  • Optimize product and sales strategies
  • Evaluate the economic impact of business or policy decisions
  • Rapid response external public relations issues
  • Strategy development and deployment

Your  practice needs the right kind of patients, a reliable professional referral network, a well-trained staff, sound operational framework, and deversified sources of revenue.

We have helped practitioners achieve their goals in many healthcare specialties.

Your personal goals for your practice – whatever they may be – are exactly the goals we help you achieve. Whether you have us visit your practice for an onsite consultation or take part in a virtual consultation, you will receive a detailed tactical healthcare marketing campaign, operational efficiency and effectiveness assessment, and a strategy review to make sure your road map aligns with your vision. You’ll learn proven, easy-to-implement marketing strategies and process improvements that will enhance your profits, improve profitability, and create clarity in what you do.


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Operational Performance

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Digital Transformation

Significant advances in technology are transforming how we live, work, and collaborate.

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