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Law Firm Marketing Services

Over 60% of all law firm clients now come through the web!

Law firm marketing services are built into our DNA. Harmer Wunstel is a strategic partnership for law firms & law firm startups around the country. Our goal is to help attorneys gain market share in their practice. Period! No account reps, that don’t know anything and no BS!

We are a team of creators, developers, marketers, digital marketing specialists and strategist that are all experts in our respective fields. We cater to the legal industry and have developed a deep and thorough knowledge of what makes law firms successful. In the legal industry, experience matters. Guess what? In law firm marketing services…experience matters.

A law firm marketing company that thinks like a law firm client.

Law Firm Marketing Services Include:

      • Digital Marketing

      • Website Building

      • Communications Strategy

      • Crisis Management and Public Relations

      • Content Development

      • Graphic Design (including printing services)

      • Brand Strategy

      • Internal Communications

      • Media Buying (online and off)

      • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

      • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

      • Reputation management  (online and off)

      • Google Adwords Management


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Your website is the digital centerpiece of your law practice.

Your law firm’s website can be your front door to your firm. If it isn’t bringing you business you’re doing something wrong. We can review your website and your digital footprint to determine what you need to do to generate leads and grow market-share. We evaluate where things stand today and how you compare to your main competitors. We provide you with a blueprint so you know exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it.

Harmer Wunstel offers free digital audits so you can start using social media, SEO, content marketing and online advertising to generate more leads and grow your law firm’s practice.

We live by stats and data. When done right, legal marketing shouldn’t be a guessing game. We gather the data and create feedback loops so we know exactly what to do. Leave the digital marketing to the pros! 

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Did you know Harmer Wunstel is a Google Certified Partner? Find out what that means by clicking on the image below.

Check out this article in Attorney at Law Magazine.

By: Harmer | Wunstel Principal – Richard Harmer

>Making Cents Out of Chaos! The Wild,Wild Web<



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Significant advances in technology are transforming how we live, work, and collaborate.

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