Your communication blueprint represents the ultimate combination of communication activities that enable you to reach your prospects, create a relationship and encourage them engage with you or take a desired action.

earAre you being heard?


Are all the ways you communicate speaking the same language?

Personal Selling

Manage Customer Relationships


Public Relations / Media

Direct Marketing

Trade Fairs / Exhibitions / Conferences




Social Media



Remember this: CREATIVE COPY WITH A PURPOSE. Everything you do from photos you take, copy you write, how you market and so much more, needs to communicate clearly WHY you do what you do.


The big C word!



RW Harmer is a full service communications company. The words “we need to talk” run deep. Our goal is to look at everything, so you can communicate with clarity. “We need to talk” should never come out of your clients, shareholders, partners or patrons mouths.



We strategically create communication experiences that activate your voice by combining tactical thinking, sharp design and digital insights.


You will know HOW to communicate, WHO to communicate with and WHAT to communicate.


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