An innovator in organizational excellence and organizational intelligence, Trent has been described by leaders in his field as a true visionary. He works with company leadership to construct solutions to a company’s daily challenges, which allows leaders to focus on their vision and the future. His specialty is to connect the dots from Executive Leadership’s vision to the daily tasks of all employees and contractors connected to your business. Trent has a proven history of transforming the operational ecosystem of the companies he has worked with. He loves to help evolve a culture of reactive behavior into a place where proactive solutions are not just the expectation, but the norm.

Throughout his career, Trent has excelled as an award-winning film and video director, Chief Operations Officer, Senior Director of Innovation for Goodwill, and Corporate and Executive Strategy Advisor.

He holds an MBA from Colorado State University and a Bachelor’s in Music Marketing from the University of Texas as San Antonio. With certifications in Six Sigma, Lean Management, and Data Analytics, Trent has helped his clients improve profitability over $40 million to date.

Specialties: Performance Excellence and Operational Excellence Initiatives, Technology Integration, Employee Engagement, and Strategy Execution.

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